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Eat Like a Kid Again! Back to School Recipes for All Ages

The back-to-school commercials are out in full force and even if you don’t have kids of your own, it’s hard to avoid the fact that it’s that time of year again.  But for those of us who aren’t in school and don’t have school-age children, why exactly should we care that school is starting back up again?  I’ll tell you why… because with back-to-school season comes back-to-school snacks and no matter their age, everyone wants to be able to eat like a kid again!

While kids’ tastes may not exactly be “developed,” they sure do know what they’re talking about.  From macaroni and cheese to chicken nuggets to chocolate chip cookies, their favorites are some of the tastiest foods ever.  It’s not about having a complex flavor profile or a bunch of interesting ingredients; sometimes you just want plain old tasty food and that’s where kids have got it all right.  If we all ate the way kids want to, we’d be happy campers.

So, since it’s a “special occasion” with back to school season upon us, let’s use that as an excuse to eat like kids again and enjoy some of the yummier foods that life has to offer.  We racked our brains and reverted back to our childhood selves to come up with a list of our favorite kiddie meals and snacks, so take a peek and let your inner-child loose with these back-to-basics recipes!

Kid Meals for Big “Kids”

Spaghetti and Meatballs – Twirling noodles around on your fork and pushing meatballs across your plate… who doesn’t remember how much fun spaghetti and meatballs used to be?  Go ahead and indulge in this playfully delicious kids’ classic!

Pizza Hot Dogs – I mean, how can you go wrong with not one but two classic kid-favorites.  This yummy idea is basically a hot dog disguised as a pizza so it’s just as fun to make as it is to eat!

Kid Breakfast Ideas for Big “Kids”

15 Minute Donuts from Scratch – If you fondly remember Dunkin Donuts’ “munchkins” from your childhood days like I do, you’re sure to love these mini doughnuts that you can make in your own kitchen… and in under half an hour, no less!

Strawberry Struedel (via Shugary Sweets) – Just like a Pop Tart, only homemade and “grown up.”  This super-easy recipe calls for puff pastry, strawberry pie filling and cream cheese.  If that doesn’t sound like a breakfast dream come true, I don’t know what does!

Kid Snacks for Big “Kids”

Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars (via Satisfy My Sweet Tooth) – It’s no secret that kids love peanut butter and jelly, but what if you turned the famous sandwich into a dessert bar?  This easy recipe puts a fun spin on everyone’s favorite brown bag lunch staple.

Homemade Granola Bars – The perfect take-along snack, granola bars give you that burst of energy just when you need it most.  This homemade version tastes great and you won’t feel guilty about snacking!

Kid Desserts for Big “Kids”

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Cupcakes – Go ahead and have some fun with your dessert!  No one should take sweets too seriously, so you might as well go all out and decorate your cupcakes with food coloring and colorful candy sprinkles.

Chewy M&M Cookies (via Six Sisters’ Stuff) – These are the cookies you used to drool over in the glass cases at the mall food court or in the grocery store.  You know… the ones Mom would never let you get.  Now that you’re a grown up, you can make your own M&M dotted cookies.  This version is chewy and delicious… the perfect treat to get you through the day!

So there you have it, a back-to-school foodie feast for all of us, little kids and big “kids” alike.  Now go enjoy snack time and have fun at recess!

What’s your favorite kid food?