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Dip-a-palooza: Easy Dip Recipes For Your Super Bowl Party

Heads or Tails? Heads for dips and tails for even more dips! We’re super excited and counting down the days to the Super Bowl. Is it going to be the cheese-head Green Bay Packers again?  We just don’t know, but there is one thing we do know.  We want to be dipping away into some fantastic appetizer recipes while watching the big game.  So, get your chips and breads ready.  Take out those jerseys, foam fingers and maybe a apron. Things are going to get messy, on the field and in the kitchen.

There is nothing more exciting than watching your team, or not (there’s always the half-time show), play to win the big game.  So, how about you be the MVP party thrower and score some points with your number one fans.  Avoid false starts and try our new Barbecue Black Bean Dip or our wonderful Deluxe Spinach Dip. There may be a big upset this year, but you wont upset the party with our Cheeseburger Party Dip. We know that is a lot of dip, but there are four quarters in a game.  And it only happens once a year!

While making bets we also searched the web and our favorite blogs for some enticing dip recipes. We found a lot of great appetizer recipes for a crowd that would be great for your Super Bowl party.  Go for the two point conversion and try these mouth watering dip recipes.

Top Dip Recipes

Easy Cheesy Hot Bean Dip

Skinny Buffalo Chicken Dip

Creamy Onion Dip

Cheesy Spinach and Bacon Dip

The Reuben Dip

Individual Seven-Layer Dips

These look so good.  We hope that you are not all dipped out.  If so, you can check out our 15 appetizers in 15 minutes.  There’s more than just dips in there.  Also, check out our giveaway that is going on right now.  You could win the Party Dips! cookbook.  We hope that your team wins the big game.  Have fun!


Who do you think is going to win this year?

What are some of your favorite dips to make?