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6 Fantastic Fall Recipes

One of the reasons autumn is my favorite season is because, come September, it’s suddenly socially acceptable to make cinnamon, nutmeg, sweet potato or pumpkin flavored everything. Comfort foods come out of hiding, at long last, and make repeated appearances on everyone’s dinner menu. Over at FaveGlutenFreeRecipes.com we have a growing collection of recipes that are sure to make your fall a stunning success for your taste buds.

These recipes range from savory to sweet. All these recipes feature ingredients that are in season starting at the end of summer. I’ve included a couple of delicious pumpkin recipes, because it’s fall and you can’t get around that (who really wants to?), but all these dishes are unusual ones that you won’t find in a traditional cookbook. You can use these recipes however you want. Personally, I recommend making at least one a day, but that’s just me. So pick out one or two that look good to you and give them a try. One of the best things about fall is finding new recipes to experiment with.  If you’re in the market for Thanksgiving Menu Ideas, well, read on!  Autumn is just one big recipe testing ground for the holiday season.


Fantastic Fall Recipes

1. Homemade Pumpkin Butter

I am a huge fan of apple butter, so I nearly lost my mind when I saw this recipe.  Smearing a bit of pumpkin flavored goodness over a piece of homemade bread sounds like the perfect treat for any afternoon.

2. Spiced Sweet Potato and Leek Cakes

Sweet Potatoes are, to me, one of the most indicative things of fall in a kitchen.  Like most root vegetables, sweet potatoes come into season towards the end of September.  As soon as I see the funny looking veggie at the farmer’s market, I know it’s time to pull out my serious autumn recipes.  This savory treat combines another seasonal vegetable, leeks, with sweet potatoes for an excellent side dish, lunch, or snack.  Try them out as a Thanksgiving appetizer, you won’t be disappointed.

3. Pumpkin Pie Chia Pudding

If you have never tried a chia pudding, why not give this one a shot?  You can make it in a little mason jar, which automatically makes the entire experience about ten times more enjoyable.  This recipe from Jackie at Vegan Yack Attack created this cute and flavorful dessert.  The pumpkin flavor of this recipe is absolutely astounding. Cinnamon sprinkled over the top is the perfect accent to this wonderful dessert.  If you’re looking for a more traditional dessert, why not head over to our gluten free dessert section and see what we’ve got to offer.

 4. Hazelnut Coconut Grahams

Hazelnuts are another one of the great things about autumn.  They’re in season, so prices go down quite a bit.  You can make all sorts of tasty treats with hazelnuts, like these grahams.  They’re more like a shortbread cookie than a graham cracker, but who’s complaining?  Chocolate and Hazelnut is a phenomenal combination of flavors (ever tried Nutella?), so be sure to give this recipe a go.  If you happen to be a fan of coffee or tea, this would be a delicious fall companion for your warm drink of choice.

5. Pumpkin Sage Risotto

Risotto is one of the best comfort food meals out there.  The warm, creamy texture of the rice is everything you could ask for on a chilly afternoon.  This particular version is full of savory fall flavors that will make this recipe a permanent addition to your recipe book.

6. Pumpkin Butter Cups

George at Civilized Caveman took the time to come up with four different fillings for these peanut butter cups.  Four.  The pumpkin flavoring is what makes me think of fall, but, I’ll be honest, I’d probably eat a whole batch of these any time of the year.  Easy chocolate recipes are just something that no chef can say no to!



What is your favorite fall vegetable or spice?

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