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Food Battle: The Final Round

And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for…Food Battle Championship


These two countries have proven themselves to be the most beloved cuisine among our readers here at RecipeLion.com. Mexico managed to beat out both Australia with Cornbread Tamale Pie and Greece with those Cheesy Enchilada Cupcakes. Germany was the victor over ] the United Kingdom with Jelly Roll Pancakes . Both Mexico and USA must hold nothing back for this final round of The Olympics of Food. Tensions are high and it will be a close match but with only a single spot for a winner, one country will be going home the champion while the other will merely hold the title of second place. Take a look at the recipes from each country and decide who is getting a gold medal.

Mexico has provided a savory pie that has multiple layers made up of meat, cheese, beans and sauce. With Aztec Pie, have a dinner that requires only dish but so many flavors. Packed with protein, you will complete this meal feeling satisfied not to mention happy that there is only one dish to clean. This is a Mexican casserole dish that will become the popular weeknight dinner favorite.

Team USA is representing with a country classic, the American Potato Salad. The summer games would not be complete with a nice hot dog and some of this creamy all american side dish. This recipe can be made in so many ways but we like to think this way results in a dish that family and friends cannot resist.

Will it be Mexico or USA who takes the crown? You be the judge and let your voice be heard as you elect the winner of the Food Battle here at RecipeLion.


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