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Food Battle: Day 4 Winner

The last country has earned its spot in the semifinal round of the Food Battle, but not without having to fight for it.

Congratulations to…Germany!


With a savory dish like Fish and Chips from the UK, it was a tough call with such a sweet breakfast or dessert recipe like these Jelly Roll Pancakes from Germany. But there was something about a fluffy recipe with a light sprinkle of sugar that won the hearts of the judges. As we move into the semi-final round of our Food Battle, continue to check back and make those comments so you can pick the winning recipe. 

Now the competition gets even more intense as Greece and Mexico take on one another for a spot in the finals. Will it be One Pot Greek-Style Chicken or Cheesy Enchilada Cupcakes? Leave a comment on either or both of these recipes to cast your vote and also to enter in a chance to win a fantastic giveaway of a worldly collection of food. Keep checking back here to get the update.

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