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Food Battle: Day 5 Winner!

Not only is this competition getting heated, it’s getting spicy too.

¬°Felicidades Mexico!


Greece put up a solid fight but that One Pot Greek Style Chicken was no match for the overwhelmingly popular Cheesy Enchilada Cupcakes from RecipeLion. Those little cups of cheesy goodness that fit perectly in the palm of your hand couldn’t be beat by the Grecian chicken regardless of the fact that it conveniently all fit in one pot.

Now as we wait for the results of the USA vs Germany, it’s only a matter of time before Mexico knows what type of food it’ll have to take on in the final round of the Food Battle. Will it be USA’s All American Cobb Salad or Germany’s Kraut & Brat Soup? The suspense is at an all time high so get in those votes as you comment on the individual recipe pages.