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Food Trend: Potatoes … Cut the Fat, People

I think we can all agree that potatoes are a universal staple in American households. Whether they be sliced open and stuffed with butter, cheese and sour cream, or boiled, chopped and slathered with creamy dressing, they are a classic that many of us look forward to seeing at the family party buffet table.

But, why must so many of our favorite potato recipes be filled with ingredients that always end up showing their ugly faces again? … usually on our hips and thighs.

Why can’t we make delicious potato recipes that taste awesome, but also don’t leave us with bacon guilt? These next few bloggers deserve a round of applause for their healthy potato recipes. How refreshing. Our bikinis will thank you. Lord knows I refuse to buy another one just because my big butt can’t fit in the one from last year.

Check out this fantastic recipe for Roasted Ranch Potatoes from Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice.


The genius behind this recipe understands our love affair with Ranch dressing. But, instead of dousing it with the creamy dressing, she uses dry seasoning, slicing calories off the recipe. Pure genius!

When you simply can’t resist a potato skin, indulge in these Lightened Baked Potato Boats by With Style & Grace. This recipe uses smaller potatoes and adds chicken for protein. Great idea for calorie counters.


And when you need to entertain for any event – from dinner parties, to tailgating, to holidays, this muffin tin recipe called Pan Potato Gratin from Martha Stewart is golden.


Thank you, Martha for making elegant as easy as it can be.

Would you consider swapping your favorite potato recipe for one of these healthier versions?


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