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Giveaway: SeaPak Shrimp & Seafood Co. Prize

You’ve probably heard about SeaPak Shrimp & Seafood Co. before.  We’ve reviewed their products and run some awesome giveaway contests with them before.  And now we’re doing it again!

This week we have a very special giveaway opportunity for all of you.  Not only are we offering a free product coupon (redeemable for any of SeaPak’s delicious shrimp or seafood products), but we’re also throwing in an awesome bonus prize. With this week’s contest, one lucky winner will also receive a SeaPak stadium chair, complete with a convenient carrying bag.  These chairs are great for this time of year — you can use them for fall tailgates, sports practices, or any other outdoor autumn entertainment.  You’re gonna love this prize!

Part of the reason we’re partnering with SeaPak again is because October is National Seafood Month.  Yes, there’s an entire month devoted to seafood!  So, in honor of this special occasion, we thought we’d round up some of our favorite seafood dishes, dreamed up by our friends at SeaPak Shrimp & Seafood Co.   It’s easier than you think to cook with seafood (I, for one, was always daunted by the idea).  But with these easy recipes, you’ll see just how simple (and tasty) it can be!

4 Sensational Seafood Recipes:

1) Crazy Good Seafood Tacos – Swap out your usual ground beef for some popcorn shrimp and you have a brand new weeknight meal that your family will love!  This great take on a Mexican classic is one of my favorite quick fixes when I don’t have a ton of time to cook.

2) Cranberry Shrimp Dippers – Everyone loves dip-able treats, especially during holiday party season (which is coming up quick!).  I can’t get over the awesome combination of cranberry and seafood.  It may sound strange, but it tastes great.  Try it out and see what you think of the pairing!

3) Pumpkin Patch Salad – Speaking of holiday festivities, how about this adorable “pumpkin patch” salad for your Halloween get-together?  With little popcorn fish balls acting as cute “pumpkins,” this is a holiday dish the whole family will love.

4) Chipotle Dipping Sauce – As they say, “the secret’s in the sauce.”  The next time you’re going to whip up a batch of popcorn shrimp or any other fried appetizer, try making this incredibly easy sauce to accompany your “dippers.”  It definitely has a bit of a kick, so be forewarned if your taste buds are more mild.

I hope these recipes have inspired you to try cooking with seafood more often.  It’s delicious, quick and easy… just the way we like it!

Don’t forget to enter our awesome SeaPak giveaway today!