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Giveaway: Veg-All Canned Vegetables

Busy, busy, busy.  If there was one word to describe this time of year, I think “busy” would be it.  As we speed ever-so-quickly toward Thanksgiving and Christmas, we all have a lot on our plates (pun intended, of course!).  But amidst all of the holiday shopping and prepping, we still have to prepare dinner for our families every day.  Needless to say, things can get a bit hectic in November and December, at least in our household!

That’s why this week’s giveaway couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.  Today we’re offering four lucky winners the chance to take home a variety pack of canned vegetables from the folks at Veg-All.  If you’re not familiar with the Veg-All brand, let me tell you… they’ve been around forever (since 1926, to be precise) and have become a classic in households across the country.  Offering both canned and frozen veggies, Veg-All makes it easy to prepare healthy and tasty meals for even the busiest of families.  Our reviewers went crazy over how great these canned veggies tasted, and we’re pretty sure you will too!  Enter right here for your chance to be one of our lucky winners!

Plus, the folks at Veg-All were kind enough to share on of their all-time most popular recipes with us.  Find out how to make this delicious Chicken Parmesan Bake by following along with the easy casserole recipe here.  Just mix together canned soup, canned chunky chicken, canned mixed veggies, bread crumbs and cheese and dinner will be ready before you know it!  Like we said, Veg-All has been around for generations; they know the secret behind putting together a quick, easy and delicious dinner.

Now, don’t forget…

Enter today to win a variety pack of Veg-All canned vegetables!