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Guest Post: Black Bean and Corn Salsa

So far this week, I’ve shared two salsa recipes with you:  Basic Tomato Salsa and Avocado ‘N Feta Salsa.  Today, I’m sharing my final home-made salsa recipe. This one is a bit more like a salad than salsa, but it is good with tortilla chips — the traditional salsa compliment! I threw this together one day while my parents were visiting and my Mom loved it! I now make this as a side dish whenever my parents visit.   They are here now, so I will definitely be making this soon!


  1. Drain corn and place in a large mixing bowl.
  2. Add black beans; be sure to drain and rinse them very well. If not well rinsed, the black bean juice will discolor the dressing which is neither attractive or tasty.  (Trust me, I know. Rinse the beans until the water runs clear)!
  3. Add sour cream.
  4. Add mayo.
  5. Add seasonings, as desired. My husband is on a low-salt diet, so I add salt to individual servings (ahem, m-i-n-e).

This makes a tasty side dish for anyone who likes corn and black beans. I have also added diced cucumber to this and it was good. The cucumber is best if added just before serving. Another idea is to add a few spoonfuls of the Basic Tomato Salsa recipe that I shared on Monday. It adds a kick of additional flavor and helps you use any salsa leftovers that you may have. But, um, does anyone ever have leftover fresh salsa? We usually don’t and, if we do, it doesn’t last long!  Don’t forget to visit my blog, Totally Temberton.