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How to Avoid Gluten Cross Contamination for the Holidays

Having any kind food restriction is especially difficult around the holidays, especially if your family just doesn’t get it. I’m a vegetarian and every year, Thanksgiving and Christmas are filled with conversations of “why are you eating turkey?” “Don’t you want some turkey?” “What is wrong with you?” “Would you like this ham instead?”

Thankfully, my dietary restriction is my own personal choice rather than an allergy that endangers my health. When you’re gluten free during the holidays, every dish not cooked by you personally can be a danger. It might have an ingredient in it that the cook didn’t know wasn’t gluten free (like pre-shredded cheese) or there was an issue of gluten cross-contamination in the kitchen that went undetected by someone who doesn’t have to eat gluten free.


In order to make the holidays a little easier for our gluten free folks, we’re offering some tips on how to avoid gluten cross contamination in your kitchen. If you’re hosting a holiday get-together, and one of your guests is gluten free, here are some ways to make sure your guest feel safe eating the food you’ve prepared.

If you’re unsure whether you’ve made your kitchen a gluten free space, feel free to ask your guest to bring something that they can definitely eat or if there are any recipes that you can make specifically for them. Chances are, anyone with a dietary restriction, especially with one as tricky as gluten, will be more than willing to bring a dish that they can eat. As a vegetarian, I happily bring a vegetarian dish or two to pass (but I make sure I serve myself first, because there might not be enough left for me if I pass it to everyone else first).

Here are some of the easiest ways to prevent gluten cross-contamination in your kitchen and make it a safe place for all of your food.


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What’s your advice for a gluten free holiday?