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Meet Adia Benson, Our Executive Producer

You may know Adia Benson from Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen or her time working with Martha Stewart. These days, Addie’s producing videos and cooking up a storm in our Test Kitchen.

Addie’s main goal is Easy Elegant Entertaining, which has been the tagline of her personal blog, Addie’s Confetti Kitchen. “I believe that great food does not need to come completely from scratch, that elegance is in the way it is presented, and you don’t have to stress out to entertain,” she said.

Adia Benson, our executive producer and Test Kitchen chef!

Adia Benson, our executive producer and Test Kitchen chef!

Addie started cooking in her Minnesota hometown before she took off on her first culinary adventure at Auguste Escoffier in Colorado and Avignon, France. After working for Daniel Boulud and later Thomas Keller Restaurant Group, Addie gained branding experience at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. She continues to write for Martha Stewart as part of her Contributor Network. Recently, Addie created food and beverage products for Chicago’s gravitytank. (Read more about Addie’s culinary experiences.)

Nowadays, she’s Executive Producer here at Prime Publishing, where she oversees recipe creation, photography and video for RecipeLion.com and more. Want a peek at the gorgeous cookbooks Addie and our team are making for 2017? Stay tuned for behind the scenes of food styling and recipe writing on RecipeChatter.

Q&A with Adia Benson

What kind of recipes do you share on your own social media?

I will tell you right now that everything I share on my social media and website is edible, real, and consumed! When I began this adventure, I promised myself that we would not waste food and that everything I would make, we would eat HOT. I don’t make a delicious burger and then spend an hour photographing it and then serve it cold – no way! I make food, we snap a pic and eat, or we eat and then I snap a pic afterwards. Everything you see on my social channels is legitimate 🙂

In my pantry you’ll always find…

  • Peanut butter, for my fiancé and dog – Alex enjoys it on ice cream and Paisley loves frozen filled Kongs.
  • Candy – I have such a sweet tooth, and I always have candy lying around for party favors and crafts. I do my best to keep it for those needs versus just my own!
  • Prosecco

(Psst – check out Quick Bites, our new Test Kitchen video series with lots of cute, easy recipes!)

What makes you passionate about food?

 I am very passionate about food, because to me it is the centerpiece of a gathering. I love to entertain, and I can’t tell you how excited I get when I start planning a menu, thinking about cute accents to accentuate a drink, or beautiful linens and platters to compliment a dish. Food brings people together, and my passion and mission is to help anyone and everyone to be successful in creating in the kitchen and finding easy way to entertain, without compromising elegance.

What’s your signature recipe for friends and family?

Donuts – my signature dessert! I love everything about donuts. (P.S. Check out these Copycat Krispy Kreme Donuts.)
Addie's dog Paisley

Addie’s dog Paisley meditates over some copycat Krispy Kreme donuts.


Who’s your culinary muse?

I have to say Martha Stewart. Not because I feel obligated to, but because it is true. She has forged the way for women. She has owned her skill set and I am honored to have worked for her.

The books I cook from over and over again are…

Adia at The Kentucky Derby 2016 with celebrity chef Rick Tramonto.


If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?

My dream dinner would be somewhere in a barn or open air southern location drinking out of a jar with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, throw in Carrie Underwood, let’s get the entire Zac Brown Band and a few other country music studs like Jason Aldean and Kenny Chesney. Food would be family style, and people would start playing music under little white Christmas lights.
On the flip side, I would love nothing more than wearing a formal gown, sipping champagne and eating vanilla cake with influential women like Martha Stewart, Tory Burch, Reese Witherspoon, Sheryl Sandberg and Ariana Huffington.

I love when my dinner guests bring:

  • Flowers (but don’t bring an orchid – I do not have a green thumb and it will die)
  • Prosecco / champagne, as that is something people have recognized as my go-to.
  • Their dogs and babies!! We love dogs and we love kiddos. When you come to our house for dinner, we want you to know you can always bring a friend, or two, or three… There is always more room at our table.

What do you like to cook on weekends vs. weekdays?

I am big into meal prep, so on Sundays I grill up chicken and plan for the week. We use that chicken throughout the week – most of the time on quesadillas. My main go-to meal though is a baked potato, avocado and a fried egg!

On weekends I like to experiment. I am usually testing recipes for the cookbooks we are writing, and weekends are my time to try something new and enjoy it. It is less about a transaction and getting something done and more about the art of cooking.

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What’s your culinary story?