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6 Pantry Recipes and Budget Meals

With powerful snowstorm Nemo bringing a record amount of snow to the Northeast, we thought that we would bring you a collection of recipes that can be made with ingredients that are most commonly found in your pantry. The last thing you want to worry about in a snow storm is what to make for dinner or even running to the store to pick up a last second ingredient that will tie the recipe together. We found that soups and stews are great pantry recipes. Using only a few ingredients, you can make a savory soup that can feed the family.

Tomato Cheddar SoupHurricane Stew

Creativity along with improvisation are the most important parts in cooking. A master chef is not just someone that can make a fancy meal with all of the appropriate accoutrements, but is also someone that can make a delicious meal with what is only given to them. Showcase your talent as a great cook by raiding the pantry to make the soups above or by checking out this delicious Chicken Parmesan and recipe for rice and beans. Made with only a few ingredients, it’s incredible how everything comes together.

Chicken Parmesan Pantry Rice and Beans

Even if you are not stuck inside because of bad weather, pantry recipes are also great if you are looking to use up some old ingredients. How many times have you bought a certain herb or spice for one recipe and after using it that one time, just forgot about it? It’s happen to us quite a lot. Take a look around your pantry and try adding some of these herbs and spices to your meal to make something new. By using up what you already have, you save yourself some money and are being more resourceful. See how you can make this basic Hamburger Baked Bean Casserole a elegant dish.

Hamburger Baked Bean Casserole

We hope that you try out all of these great recipes and remember to be creative when it comes to cooking. If you don’t have an ingredient that one of the recipes calls for, improvise. You may discover a new pairing that you absolutely love. Oh, and we almost forgot about one last dish that is too good to pass up, our Kitchen Pantry Vegetable Soup.  Enjoy!

Kitchen Pantry Vegetable Soup