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Saturday Morning Breakfast: Brunch Recipes Worthy of Royalty

Welcome to our Saturday Morning Breakfast series! Every week, we’ll share some easy breakfast recipes to make your weekend even better.


Maybe we’re not ‘royals’ in the legal sense but we can certainly treat ourselves to a taste of that lifestyle with easy brunch recipes.

Do you think royals wake up early to make breakfast? Probably not. Granted, they must have to wake up to be dressed by commoners or cartoon birds or whatever. But they are surely free to dress elegantly and then stroll into the dining room where a glorious brunch awaits them. Sounds dreamy.

The trick to brunch is preparation. Prepare a little at night like Cinderella, and you can wake up like Kate Middleton.

Check out this Downton Abbey Tea Party video for some fun brunch inspiration, then read on for a brunch menu worthy of your highness.


Brunch Recipes Worthy of Royalty

Brunch Appetizers

 King Ranch Chicken Shells

Brunch Main Course


Angel Food CakeBrunch Desserts


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What’s your no.1 brunch food?