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Sushi Surprise

My fiance’s birthday was this past Monday, but he’s been gone all week on a work trip. In some ways, it’s a good thing because it bought me more time to think about his gift! Now that it’s Thursday and he’s returning tomorrow I’m still wracking my brain for that perfect way to wish him a happy birthday.

He’s definitely a foodie, so good food has to be a part of the gift in some way. Among the different types of cuisine out there, sushi is way up there on his list of favorites. I thought of ordering a large tray of take-out sushi and bringing it to the beach for an afternoon picnic this weekend, with a bottle of white wine in tow to pair with the light seafood and rice flavors. However, the more research I do, the more I realize that a party tray of sushi may not fit in my budget! So I started thinking… maybe I can make sushi for our wonderful “lakeside” picnic – disregarding the beautiful presentation that a professional sushi chef would create – and this could be the winning ticket!

Here’s a couple of basic sushi recipes I found on Recipelion that will help create the perfect sushi luncheon for two.

California Rolls

Futomaki Rolls

Candy Cane Sushi