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The Perfect Family Reunion Menu: 30+ Potluck Recipes

It’s family reunion season! Time to gather amongst your closest and farthest relatives at a forest preserve to see how much older everyone is getting. At least, that’s how we do it in my family. We also keep the tradition of sharing a big potluck-style meal, with all our summer favorites.

Does your family look forward to a certain potluck recipe each year, whether it’s Uncle Bill’s deviled eggs or Second-cousin Anne’s famous potato salad? If not, don’t fret. Your family may find a new classic amongst these amazing potluck recipes from RecipeLion.com. You’ll need some appetizer recipes, side dish recipes, main dish recipes, and easy dessert recipes.

Whether your family enjoys church potluck foods or something more cultured like international recipes, there are certain staple foods that belong at every family reunion. It’s just not a real picnic without them! There’s something to be said for tradition, right? It’s family, so everyone can let go of the potluck paranoia and stuff their faces with a variety of picnic foods as they enjoy catching up with relatives.

Here’s our idea of the perfect family reunion menu, with must-have potluck recipes.


The Perfect Family Reunion Menu: 30+ Potluck Recipes

Appetizer Recipes

Side Dish Recipes

Main Dish Recipes

Easy Dessert Recipes

Tell us about your family reunions! What are they like?