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What To Do With Leftover Crumbs

We’ve all been there before, stuck with the crumbly leftovers of our favorite foods. From accidentally pouring the powdery remains of your cereal into your breakfast bowl to scrounging around the bottom of a bag of chips hoping to find a complete one, crumbs are the pits.

Don’t let crumbs get you down. Here are some easy no-nonsense tips to help you use your crumbs and get the most out of them.


Since so many different types of recipes call for bread crumbs, this one is a bit of a no-brainer. Why fork over your hard-earned money when making your own bread crumbs is so easy and affordable. The blog The Dying Art of Keeping House has a great easy-to-follow post on how to make breadcrumbs at home.


Since cookies are so tasty, you don’t want to waste a single one. Admit it, you get a little upset when you see that pile of cookie crumbs at the bottom of the bag. Save those crumbs, because cookie crumbs are perfect for dessert crusts. This recipe for Chocolate Decadence has an Oreo cookie crumb crust.


Too often, I’ve poured myself a bowl of cereal only to have a large pile of crumbs fall on top of the bowl. Depending on the cereal, cereal crumbs are actually highly versatile. The crumbs of non-wheat based cereals are a great bread crumb substitute for those on gluten free diets. The crumbs of sweeter cereals work for dessert recipes, while heartier cereals make for heartier, crunchier alternatives to bread crumbs. The blog Danica’s Daily has a terrific for a Buffalo Chicken Salad that uses cereal crumbs and chip crumbs to add crispness to the chicken.


One of my all-time favorite snacks involves chip crumbs. I hate it when I’m snacking and then I can no longer find any substantial chip pieces. With tortilla chips or corn chips, I like to pour the broken bits and crumbs into a bowl and combine with salsa for a makeshift cold chili, of sorts.